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Description Times
20xx Food and Kindred Products 2,060 16,148 Summary Map
21xx Tobacco Products 14 111 Summary Map
22xx Textile Mill Products 509 3,701 Summary Map
23xx Apparel And Other Textile Products 319 2,182 Summary Map
24xx Lumber And Wood Products 852 6,047 Summary Map
25xx Furniture And Fixtures 422 3,095 Summary Map
26xx Paper And Allied Products 903 7,185 Summary Map
27xx Printing And Publishing 662 4,976 Summary Map
28xx Chemicals And Allied Products 871 6,585 Summary Map
29xx Petroleum And Coal Products 157 1,135 Summary Map
30xx Rubber And Miscellaneous Plastics Products 1,785 13,922 Summary Map
31xx Leather And Leather Products 85 605 Summary Map
32xx Stone, Clay, And Glass Products 627 4,592 Summary Map
33xx Primary Metal Industries 1,125 8,660 Summary Map
34xx Fabricated Metal Products 2,142 16,294 Summary Map
35xx Industrial Machinery And Equipment 1,661 12,332 Summary Map
36xx Electronic & Other Electric Equipment 934 6,923 Summary Map
37xx Transportation Equipment 884 6,830 Summary Map
38xx Instruments And Related Products 410 2,996 Summary Map
39xx Miscellaneous Manufacturing Industries 276 2,088 Summary Map